Masterclasses for Elected Members

I now run two hour master classes for elected members on effective chairing.  

Meetings are a traditional and essential component of local government. For both elected members and managers, meetings serve as a forum for discussion and agreement, planning and monitoring, communication and leadership and decision making. Used appropriately, meetings can challenge, inspire, illuminate and inform. And while they are not the only meetings that elected members will be asked to attend, committee meetings, in particular, are a mainstay of the political management process.

Effective chairing is important because it can provide clear leadership and direction, ensure that debates are focused and balanced, enable decisions to be reached and ensure that resources are used to best effect.

This two hour “master class style” workshop will help elected members to understand their role, offer some approaches and ideas that will help to tackle typical challenges and help to generally improve their effectiveness as a chair.  It is aimed primarily at councillors new to chairing or those who would like a refresher.


  • To understand the roles, responsibilities and expected behaviour of a chair
  • To understand the importance of representing the Council’s brand and reputation
  • To learn ideas and approaches for chairing a successful meeting including preparation and presenting appropriately and typical meeting challenges
  • To appreciate how to manage yourself and others
  • To take away personal actions to apply to your role

Get in touch if you are interested.