Coaching is a powerful way to help you deal with your current situation and then work out where you want to be in the future and how to get there.  It improves your confidence and interpersonal skills, your ability to communicate more effectively and your leadership and management capabilities.

As a qualified coach and mentor of 8 years, I provide a professional executive coaching and mentoring practice for chief executives and people who hold leadership or senior positions in their organisation.  I specialise in working with people in the public and civil sectors.

How it Works

Executive coaching and mentoring helps you increase your personal effectiveness in leading your organisation and managing your peoples’ performance.  Every session is highly tailored to you in the context of your role and organisation and the specific challenges you face.  It is confidential and supports you to work on your business as well as in it.  It’s a participative, joint learning experience over a period of time, allowing you to work on challenges and issues and me to support and challenge you in continuing to make changes or improvements.

First, I will work with you to identify your aims and goals by listening to what you are saying (and not saying!).  Then we will work together on a regular basis, meeting face to face, or by video Skype/face time, for two hours, usually once a month.  The time and a neutral meeting space is agreed to suit your schedule.


  • Room to think – a short time out of your normal routine will help give you perspective and the space to think creatively about your situation.
  • Realised goals – by listening actively, asking questions and offering feedback, I will support you to create options and choices you will be able to reach skilfully.
  • Tools to help – business models, actionable ideas, being a sounding board, practical help and support to address your specific needs.
  • Concrete actions – you’ll take away ideas and new ways of tackling your situations at work that are practical and doable.

Why choose me?

I bring a unique combination of business and behavioural knowledge and expertise, backed up by in depth experience of consulting, developing and working with a range of public and civil sector organisations across the UK.  I know how these sectors operate and I understand business strategy and organisational development.  I have specific experience of working with Boards and senior teams.

I am a qualified coach, holding a post graduate certificate in Coaching and Mentoring Practice.  I am a member of the European Coaching and Mentoring Council.  I maintain my professional knowledge and practice through my professional bodies and University Alumni and follow their professional codes of practice. 

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