“We are the makers of our own state and individuals who realise the fact need not, ought not, wait for collective action."

As the owner of a profit making business I place social responsibility at the heart of what I do.  Social responsibility makes good business sense. It is of benefit to me and to those I work with. 

I operate ethically with regard to the environment and to the communities in which I do business.  This is because a secure and fair society has a more sustainable future through my actions.  I think about environmental and cost benefits when choosing what to buy and who I buy from when purchasing materials and resources, for example.  This instils a culture of responsibility which I hope others take the lead from.

My business contributes to cutting dependency on natural resources and I continually consider more sustainable ways of delivering services.  Such considerations are pillars of good business.  I make a profit but not at the expense of people or the planet.  People, including me and a good percentage of our UK population, expect businesses to consider their social and environmental impact and behave ethically. Plus, I am exercising my power as an individual when making a choice to buy things and what this translates to. For example, by buying a GiveMeTap bottle, I have switched from needing to use plastic bottles and at the same time supported the availability of clean water to communities in Africa.

Social enterprises are businesses that have a mission to tackle social and environmental issues and reinvest profits in order to achieve their aims.  I am Chair of a social enterprise where I live and support its work.  I advocate “buying social”.  My involvement with social enterprise supports the emerging practice of building social value into how businesses operate and procure goods and services. 

Actions speak louder than words so I aim to “give back” on a consistent basis through volunteering my time, skills and experience in my local community also.