I am an executive coach, trainer and facilitator with professional experience in leadership, management and consultancy that spans nearly 20 years.

My purpose is to help people and organisations to be more effective in how they think and, importantly, what they do.

I started my own small business 12 years ago when I left my regular job believing in my ability to spark a difference in others by using my skills, knowledge and innate personal motivation and positive energy for making ideas happen. 

I aim to inspire and energise everyone I work with by stirring up how they think and feel and then helping them decide what to go and do to make change happen for themselves.

I draw on my own training and learning from the highs and lows I have been able to turn into transformative experiences from the varied roles I’ve held, most notably in senior positions in the public and civil sectors.  This has given me the expertise and credibility to work and make a definable difference with people leading and managing in complex and challenging environments.

Equally I acknowledge those I coach, mentor or train have their own rich and relevant experiences to learn from and build on.  Once someone realises their own ideas and goals, clarity of purpose and confidence to change follows.

I advocate social responsibility and weave this attitude and ethical practice into my business and approach to work.  I am proud to support social business and serve on the board of a social enterprise in my home town.

My Approach

  • Support and Challenge: I ask tough questions when needed.  I don’t shy away from the difficult stuff. I offer feedback and value it in return.

  • Excellence: I aim to do everything extraordinarily and consistently well and model my own behaviours that produce effectiveness.

  • Creative Energy: as a mover and a shaker I sustain energy when working with others to the end.

  • Doing is Everything: I help spark ideas that motivate towards outcomes that result in DOING something.

I am a positive optimist and believe this rubs off on those I work with.  I have a continuous curiosity for learning, am self assured and personally accountable for what I do. 

Reputation is all.  I believe in doing something as well as it can possibly be done.  I am committed to providing consistently great experiences of quality and value.