I really benefitted from having business coaching with Amanda. By asking searching questions and encouraging me to set realistic goals, she helped me come up with a useable strategic business plan for my organisation. Amanda’s wide experience of business and charity sectors meant that she quickly understood my language. I’d highly recommend business coaching for anyone who (like me) sometimes lacks the focus to sit and think about practical, long-term planning.
You helped me practically in re structuring my organisation and gave me practical feedback about my business plan. You helped me build my confidence in situations where I wasn’t. My current business plan and staffing structure wouldn’t be like it is if it wasn’t for your input.
Thank you. I believe that you have helped ‘facilitate’ a new confidence and belief in me to go out and perform my job, and one day be able to perform my job very well. I have actually enjoyed going through the process as it has given me targets to achieve beyond what I already have, but also it has slotted nicely into my everyday job, so it has been a good step change for me to undergo. I very much feel like a start business at the moment and I currently need to focus on gaining credibility through doing some bloody good work; this is my goal for next two years, so fingers crossed it goes to plan. Thank you once again for being an amazingly superb ‘mentor’ and helping me grow into a very competent manner over the last four months.
You have a tremendous knack of being able to ask relevant open questions to allow one to examine your own performance and after this then add to the conversation by giving suggestions for improvements which could not be taken in a negative way.
Amanda’s coaching has had a beneficial impact on me and my organisation. She helped me devise creative ways of engaging with team members to explore the findings of the annual staff survey and determining what could be done differently to improve employee satisfaction. I have also been able to devise tactics to ‘break through’ a historically hostile relationship between two functional areas, resulting in improved joint working.
The coaching I am getting is invaluable and has helped me with dealing with an under performing member of staff, developing an effective relationship with a peer and tools and techniques to help me develop staff, including looking at cultural and engagement perceptions.

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