I facilitate groups and teams who want to make changes or improvements, create a new strategy or plan, plan new work, develop and build their capacity, grow their organisation, or are just in a fix and need to deal with a difficult or challenging situation.

My purpose is to create a highly participative and interactive experience that leads to self discovery.  Helping people to work together, generate ideas and then supporting them to get excited and energised about turning them into action is what I am good at.  

I challenge and stretch ideas so they are guaranteed never to regain their original dimensions. No shrinking back from tackling a difficult issue if it’s needed; encouragement and saying when something is brilliant guaranteed! 

I facilitate:
•    Team development/planning
•    Mission and values work
•    Board events
•    Workshops
•    Seminars
•    Away days
•    Conferences

I use creative tasks, group exercises and games, accelerated learning and workshop style activities, punctuated by group reviewing and discussion.    

I am adept at staying strategic and focused and being the neutral, non judgmental observer. I remain flexible and open to change at the time if it’s needed.

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