Learning works best when it is created not consumed

When designing training events for clients I take the approach that whilst all experience and previous work in a given topic (I use the term “area of learning need”) is relevant, every programme is new and should be approached with this in mind.

This is because:

1. People have less time for training but still have time for learning.

2. Learning works best when it is created not consumed.

3. Learning should be activity based, not material based.

4. Learning needs to allow for exploration and discovery.

Some tips:

  • Adopt a constant evolutionary approach to help stay fresh and relevant each time.
  • Design holistically, freeing yourself up from the shackles of “linear training”. 
  • Aim to enable each individual in the learning group to achieve their own outcomes as it relates to their personal experience.  They will find their own way through if they have the space to explore and discover for themselves.
  • Encourage learners to articulate their experiences and use them as a basis for their learning. 
  • Start the learning beforehand by inviting everyone to do “pre work” - a bit of reading or thinking beforehand. 
  • Trust the process.