Personal resilience at work

I have recently provided a number of resilience skills workshops for public service staff.  It is encouraging to see organisations paying attention to staff wellbeing. While training is not the sole answer, feedback has shown that it helps with boosting confidence, helping people be more resourceful and by giving them tools and approaches.

The workshop explores what personal resilience is and the thinking and behaviours involved.  We look at the four pillars of resilience - asking for support, purposefulness, adaptability and - the big one - building confidence.

What is positive is that people when asked can always recall a time when they have been able to be resilient.  This reinforces the good news.  These skills can be learnt.

In the week where mental health and wellbeing have been in the headlines, it's a reminder that learning style activities provide part of the answer.  The workshop is 3 hours and includes providing tools and approaches to take back into the day job.  Get in touch if I can help.