Having a motivation plan

Motivation is a state of thinking and behaviour.  I have found in providing workshops and activities with managers that the subject of motivation remains a big topic.  I'm hearing currently how stress levels are of concern as the work place and nature of work changes rapidly and increases in complexity.  A manager needs to do two things to keep motivation on the up and as part of maintaining wellbeing:

  1. Address the thinking and behaviour of their people on an individual basis (including, is it a motivational issue?)
  2. Have a motivation plan

Suggested elements of a motivation plan

  • How can you create a motivating environment? After all, you can't motivate other people, only yourself.  Think about the emotional, physical and cognitive.
  • Reinforce and make links between individual, team and organisational values and mission.  Do people understand these and how they 'fit in'?  Have you really spent sufficient time explaining these points and making sure it is understood?  Knowing where someone fits in leads to clear priorities and what's important, and why.
  • Be enthusiastic and motivated in the workplace.  You are the role model. What intrinsic motivators do you have? 
  • Commit to learning and development for all in your team.  Operate 70-20-10.  This is not about sending people on a course!  Use team meetings to build relationships and shared values as well as a place for expressing concerns.  Use 1-2-1s to pick up on individual motivation levels.
  • Coach your team members
  • Design incentives (doesn't have to be money)
  • Design for recognition (doesn't have to be money); being valued and knowing it is truly important.  You need to say it and not ration it.
  • Understand the life/work balance each team member has
  • Advocate remote and flexible working practices, support wellbeing practices (or introduce them if your organisation doesn't have a policy)

A plan for a new team would be different from that of an existing one.  A climate and culture will already be present in an existing team.

Review the plan regularly.

Get in touch if you are interested in some motivation skills for managers training.  Head to my website pages for a sample programme.