'Tis the Season......for Learning & Stretching

I sit and wind down as my final training day of the year has ended.  People attending the learning day today have had one eye on the exit, almost literally, as the holiday week is almost here. Facilitating learning is something I always have time and energy for and I appreciate that some are "sent", and others don't necessarily see development as a priority or something that helps them do their job better. And all of a sudden there are too many things to do in work to spare the time.  It's a counter intuitive way of thinking, but real for the people I have worked with lately.

I like to work in cultures where development is embedded and embraced as an integral part of working life. That is definitely my comfort zone though!  Reflecting now as I have one eye on the door myself and a Christmas get together with friends, I "learned how to learn" a long time ago and value learning as something I carry out as a life long habit. I would really like to help and support organisations that are struggling with the basic challenges of just getting training and learning valued, let alone an environment where individuals seek out experiences and learning opportunities without being told to! And that would give me the stretch I need to learn, and continue to learn - because that would be a BIG challenge.

I don't believe in New Year Resolutions.  I do believe in continuing development and having plans and ideas to achieve them, and the DOING something.   Using excuses like lack of time or resources is just a cul de sac to hide in.  Organisations with great leadership and who value their people MAKE time;  learning is valued and integrated; people are more motivated; success follows; everyone is stretched and (hopefully) everyone learns.

Season's greetings to all.  I hope you find your "stretch" in 2015, as it is only when we are outside our comfort zone that we learn.  I intend to go DO some stretching anyway.